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Champion Air Testing services include testing and certification of clean rooms, particle count analysis, viable air sampling, as well as testing and certification for the following clean air environments; biological safety cabinet, chemical fume hood, laminar flow hood, and isolator glove box. We provide consultation services, clean air device decontamination, and HEPA replacement or repair to any clean air environment devices. 

Our Certifiers are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service, attention to detail, and quality to help you keep your products and business moving.


In today's era where giant corporations often lack a personal touch, the significance of customer care cannot be overstated. Exceptional customer care fosters trust, loyalty, and positive brand experiences. It ensures that customers feel valued and heard, creating lasting impressions and forging meaningful connections. By prioritizing customer care, businesses can differentiate themselves, cultivate customer satisfaction, and ultimately thrive in a competitive landscape driven by personalized experiences.

              Shane Morris

              Owner and Lead Field Tech

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Biological Safety Cabinets

We provide these services to the wide range of industries that use this equipment for research and production activities, including:

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Health care

  • Biomedical research

  • Chemical

  • Biotechnology industries.

Class III (CACI/CAI) BSC lines have been a biosafety workhorse for many decades, serving the communities requiring up to BSL-4 containment and containment for operations generating pathogenic and toxin aerosols. 

CAT provides NSF 49 approved Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor decontamination for Class II BSCs and small rooms.

This service is performed to support our customers contamination control efforts. Testing includes sample collection and referral to our support laboratory where incubation and identification are performed. We then provide a written report outlining details of the tests, including: sample locations, sample times, collection media used, and viable particles found through sampling. Upon request, we can provide recommendations for contamination control.

Laminar Air Flow Hoods

The term Laminar Flow as it applies to hoods or clean air equipment can mean many things. "Laminar Flow" typically means air flowing in one direction (unidirectional) with very low turbulence. 

Fume Hoods

When using a fume hood, it is important to have proper airflow, in order to avoid release of chemical vapors from the face of the hood into the worker’s breathing zone. CAT offers face velocity measurement and smoke containment visualization as a means of documenting a fume hood’s performance.

Testing Cleanrooms" would include:

  •  Airflow Velocity/Volume

  • HEPA Filter Leak Test

  • Particle Counts

  • Room Pressurization

  • Visual Airflow Characterization

  • Light Levels

  • Noise Levels

  • Temperature/Humidity

  • Volometric Air Sampling

CAT has partnered with clients in this new emerging market to help facilitate full lab setups from sourcing hoods, racking systems, and cleanroom design.




“I have been working with Champion Air Testing LLC for more than a decade and I am more than satisfied with their expertise and customer service. They are highly recommended”

Jacob Wong R.Ph.

Clinical Pharmacy Manager

Henry Ford at Home – Home Infusion

"As a Sterile Compounding Supervisor, it is important to have great people to working alongside you. Our experiences with Champion Air Testing have proven them to be both experienced and personable. Their CETA certified technicians provide outstanding service and reporting in a timely and professional manner. Champion Air Testing’s expertise in air, room, isolator and hood certification and testing is key in the safe care of our patients." 


Chris Gregory, R.Ph.

Sterile Compounding Supervisor/Clinical Pharmacist

Franciscan Health – Indianapolis – Carmel - Mooresville

“I have been with Champion Air since 1994. Over the years they have adjusted to the ever changing requirements of clean room standards.  We can always count on them to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They are always on time and work around our schedules.  They explain what needs to be done to bring everything in compliance with the standards and usually fix issues during their visit. I’m glad to have a company that I can trust.


Rick Sedlak R.Ph.

Director of Pharmacy




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